RESA-PRO Code of Ethics

RESA-PRO™ Designees have also agreed to the RESA-PRO™ Code of Ethics:

  1. To always conduct myself as a professional with integrity, sincerity and sensitivity.
  2. To ensure my employees and business associates conduct themselves in the same manner
  3. To treat my clients and colleagues with respect
  4. To refrain from making unsolicited comments, verbally or in writing about other stagers, clients, customers or Real Estate Agents
  5. To refrain from revealing any confidential information about my clients
  6. To fulfill my commitments
  7. To never commit to a project that I am not able to fulfill
  8. To fully educate my clients on the process of staging, fees, and all recommendations to properly stage their home or listing prior to any work being started
  9. To never display disrespect for any Staging Professional. We are a diverse society of Stagers and respect all designations and backgrounds
  10. To maintain and improve the standards of the home staging industry
  11. To become and remain informed on issues affecting home staging
  12. To keep my profile and blog on the RESA Site professional and positive
  13. To resolve conflicts with professionalism and appropriateness
  14. To mentor and educate other stagers to the best of my ability
  15. To use only my original written material in all electronic and print media including my website and blog. National or international statistics, charts and reports not written by the stager should be labeled as such.
  16. RESA-PRO™ designees agree to not use ANY STOCK PHOTOS on their website or in their marketing materials.