Pricing Strategies for Interior Designers & Stagers

Are you worried that you are under priced or overpriced? Are you struggling to determine the best price structure for your products and services? In this course, we share the key elements that will help you to price with confidence.

From pricing objectives, to pricing strategies, we deliver this information in a frame work that is easy to understand.

You will walk away with information that you need to understand exactly how you need to price your products and services so that you are profitable and successful.

Pricing Strategies for StagersCourse topics include:

The Price is Right. Or IS it?

The Four C’s of Pricing

Let’s talk Floors & Ceilings (not finishes & colors!)

How to Create a Planned Model for Economic Success for YOUR BIZ

An exercise to help you determine whether or not to carry & store Inventory

Discipline of Market Leaders

Pricing Methods & Pricing Strategies

Plus, you receive the following customizable forms for your business:

  • A Break Even Analysis
  • A Sample Profit & Loss Statement Your Can Customize
  • A Competitive Market Analysis Form

$99.00 Download