Improving Your Real Estate Photography Class

Andrew Mayon, owner of Triad Real Estate Photography, is one of the most amazing real estate photographers in the industry. Check out his work at TriadRealEstatePhotography if you are not already familiar with it. You will be blown away!

His philosophy is simple, “It is critical that you excite potential buyers emotionally and motivate them to view the property. The more visitors to the home, the more opportunities to sell it.”

In this 4-part series, exclusive to SAR, Andrew breaks down and helps you create a foundation for taking great real estate photos.

  • Part 1 focuses on equipment and tools. Know which cameras and “must have” equipment you should have to take spectacular and memorable photos.
  • Part 2 focuses on composition and lighting. Learn how to prepare for the shoot and set up each session to maximize your time on location and minimize your time in post processing. Learn the secrets of HDR photography in simple and understandable and uncomplicated terms.
  • Part 3 learn how to completely transform your photos through post process. Breaking down the process step-by-step using Photoshop, you’ll learn how to correct light, color, distortion and sharpness.
  • Part 4 Andrew will help you in using photographs to create an outstanding portfolio, maximize your marketing materials – both online & in print, social media and and online presence.


  • To provide valuable and practical information regarding Real Estate photography.
  • To offer suggestions, tips and advice on effective ways to improve your photography, both on and off-camera.
  • To offer a photographer’s point of view on how to approach each shoot, to maximize your time on location, and minimize your time in post processing.
  • To help you understand some of the most common mistakes made when photographing Real Estate, and how to avoid them, or correct them in post processing.
  • To educate you on how to improve your marketing materials, both online and in print.

All 4 recorded sessions with pdf of power points for easy reference is only $199.00

(All 4 recorded sessions fulfills 1 Staging Principles requirement. Purchased individually fulfills 1 Elective requirement.)
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