What is RESA-PRO?

RESA-PRO™ is a continuing education program and designation created by the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®).

Why was RESA-PRO created?

RESA-PRO™ was created to provide home stagers with a means to continue their education and provide an opportunity to earn a higher level designation.

Who governs the RESA-PRO™ designation?

The Real Estate Staging Association governs and regulates the RESA-PRO™ continuing education program and the RESA-PRO™ Designation.

Do I need to buy a RESA® General Membership and a RESA-PRO™ Membership?

No, RESA-PRO™ comes with RESA® membership.

Why am I required to pass the RESA-PRO™ Ethics exam in order to earn my RESA-PRO™ designation?

Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA), as the trade association for the home staging industry, has a responsibility to protect the consumer. Passing the RESA-PRO™ Ethics exam provides further assurance that the RESA® code of ethics is understood.

How long is the RESA-PRO™ Ethics exam?

The RESA-PRO™ Ethics Exam is 20 questions. You need an minimum score of 90% in order to pass. You may refer to the RESA-PRO™ Ethics Class PDF file when taking the exam. You have 45 minutes to take the exam.

What if I don’t pass the  Ethics exam?

You will be allowed to re-take the test after 24 hours.

Should I take a core or beginning home staging training class or can I just do RESA-PRO™?

All home stagers can earn their RESA-PRO™. However, RESA-PRO™ shouldn’t replace core training as RESA® is not a core home staging training provider. We are a trade association governing and regulating a continuing education program and the RESA-PRO™ Designation.  There are many options for core training. For a list of organizations that have been pre-screened visit RESA®

My business partner and I have a company membership with RESA®. Can we still do RESA-PRO™?

Absolutely! We will convert your membership from a company membership to two individual RESA-PRO™ memberships. You will each pay the fee for RESA-PRO™ and take the Ethics Class and exam separately.

My business partner and I have a company membership with RESA®. Can we take ONE  RESA-PRO™ ethics exam?

NO. RESA-PRO™ is an individual designation, based on individual results, commitments and ethics. You must each take your own exam, pay your individual fees and make the mandatory requirements based on your own merit.

Do you offer a discount on the RESA-PRO™ fee for companies?

No. RESA-PRO™ is based on individual testing and it is an individual designation.

I am not a RESA® member can I still earn my RESA-PRO™?

Yes. Non RESA® members may earn their RESA-PRO™ for $235.

How do I renew my RESA-PRO™?

When it comes time to renew you will get a renewal letter via email.